An investor’s companion
The foundation of finance is trust. As a trust is represented as ‘Trust’, a manager who manages customer money must fulfill ‘duty as a good manager’. GVA wants to be a customer partner based on ‘Trust’ rather than simply providing a product called a fund.

Our investors are our partners
Finance is built on the bedrock of trust. It’s no coincidence that the word ‘trust’ denotes not only the emotion of belief and reliance, but also investment vehicles in which capital and assets are managed by an entity for the benefit of another.

GVA’s founding philosophy, “Our investors are our partners”, identifies mutual trust as the core value instilled in our relationship with our investors. We believe any sense of self preservation by an investment manager shouldn’t exist without prioritized consideration for the investors’ well-being.

As such, GVA’s foremost goal is to stand by our fiduciary duty to our fund’s beneficiaries. Our success can be measured through various standards and criteria but our existence can only be justified when we uphold the ideal of a mutual partnership alongside our investors.

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